International Bag Shoe & Clothes Exhibition

Introduction of Qeshm island

Qeshm is the biggest island of Iran which is located at the southernmost geographical zone of Iran, in the sky-blue waters of Persian Gulf. It has 1,491 square kilometers extent and its population according to a survey done in 2011 is 117,744 persons. Because of the wide extent of this island and high depth of water near its shores many harbours were built in this island which has made Qeshm a suitable place for mooring and unloading of a large number of ships. Meantime since Qeshm island has the ability to be connect to Central Asian countries via railway and roadway and also to Persian Gulf Arab countries and other countries throughout the world via sea lane so this island is also a proper place to establish manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses.

 Promising prospects have been defined for this amazing island by economic planners of Islamic Republic of Iran. Among them we can point to:

  • Creating a delightful environment for living, secure for investing and promising for producing new ideas.
  • Creating a context which is an example of the main land in the cultural, social and economic fields.
  • Changing the Qeshm free zone organization to the pioneer of activity and development of the island.

Also multiple economic purposes have been planned for this geopolitically important island.

The most important advantages of clothing industry of Iran:

  • Long-time history of textile manufacturing and clothing in the country
  • Existence of domestic, regional and Islamic large markets.
  • Very high value added of clothing
  • Not having any environmental problem
  • High level of job creation
  • Low cost of creating jobs
  • Existence of oil and gas resources to produce raw materials
  • Possibility of growth and development of industry in the field of new technologies
  • High level of importing foreign currency to the country by clothing industry

Iranian Association of clothing industries with emphasizing that the clothing industry of Iran currently has at least 280,000 persons productive jobs in this industry declared that this industry is able to create 600,000 new jobs for clothing industry during the 6th development plan of Iran. Meantime the missed potential major share of Iran clothing industry with considering the geographical advantage of roadway and sea lane of consumer markets of Europe and increasing unemployed labour, all are the reasons that justify the investment in this money making global industry in this country.

Trade, commerce and manufacturing of branding products in Qeshm are just a number of the most important reasons that make the investment in Qeshm island secure and economical. also with the purpose of reinforcing the manufacturing elements and making the economic competitive, with relying on the capacity of regions of the country and on an economy which is non-oil, competitive, independent, strong, growing and first in the ranking in the area and last but not least with relying on working, Iranian cogitation and domestic capacities and abilities we can draw bright prospect for clothing industry of Iran.

in the line of  paying attention to enabling and exalting the economy of the country and to accompany and keep pace with economic policies and encouragements of Iran government which in fact are the fulfillment of stable economic growth, making balance in various markets and constructive interaction with global economy with the purpose of creating and strengthening the domestic economic foundations which in deed is the resistive economy and finally with the purpose of regional and international marketing and becoming near to the international standards of quality and from this viewpoint that growth of export via economic and industrial free zones  is one of the high purposes of such zones; “Iranians New Time Business Development & conference creators”  Company with the registration number as “20346”, the organizer of domestic and foreign exhibitions after studying and perusing the economically and commercially particular situation of Qeshm island and with the intent of introducing this island more and better to the merchants, traders and regional manufacturers and also to introduce the capacities and investment potentials of this island in the field of probable establishment of manufacturing plants and corporations as one of the legal ports of Iran for export and import chose Qeshm island to achieve its goals.

Introduction of the programs of Qeshm Mode international conference and exhibition:

1-Qeshm Mode international exhibition

The first Qeshm Mode international exhibition with the subject of bag, shoes, clothing, leather industry, textile manufacturing industry and relevant machinery will be held on 4-8 December 2017 in Qeshm island. The exhibition is accompanied by commercially specialized meetings and identification of new regional markets (B2B).

2-Profile of the exhibitors

  • Shoes manufacturers (women’s, men’s, kid’s, work shoes, sport shoes, slippers, boots and safety shoes)
  • Manufacturers of leather goods
  • Machineries related to shoes and bag classification
  • Clothing manufacturers (women’s, men’s , kid’s, uniforms)
  • Bag, shoes and clothing designers
  • Wholesalers
  • Relevant associations, organizations and commercial publications
  • Manufacturers of relevant accessories

3-Participating countries

Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Turkey, China, Thailand and Malaysia

Exhibition opening ceremony

opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held with attendance of the provincial and regional senior officials such as the chairman of the Qeshm free zone organization, governor of Hormozgan, the chairman of industry, mine and trade organization of Hormozgan and also governmental authorities such as respectable deputy of ministry of industry, mine and trade, respectable deputy of Iran free zones organization, respectable chairman of Iranian clothing industry association, traders, merchants, artisans and relevant job owners. Meantime in this ceremony during a particular and proper rite the superior manufacturers in this field will be appreciated.

Holding specialized educational workshops

1-Principles and new methods of clothes design

2-Principles and industrial methods of bag and shoes design specifically for manufacturers

3-Specialized conference of challenges and opportunities of Iran clothing industry with attendance of specialists and experts of relevant industry

4- (B2B) meeting specifically for manufacturers, distributors, merchants and traders.

Specialized tours

Specialized tours from different cities of Iran will be held to visit Qeshm Mode exhibition specifically for store owners, retailers and merchants who are related to the clothing industry classification.


18-22 JAN 2018


Qeshm International Exhibitions Center, Qeshm Island, Iran