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Qeshm is the biggest island of Iran which is located at the southernmost geographical zone of Iran, in the sky-blue waters of Persian Gulf. It has 1,491 square kilometers extent and its population according to a survey done in 2011 is 117,744 persons. Because of the wide extent of this island and high depth of water near its shores many harbours were built in this island which has made Qeshm a suitable place for mooring and unloading of a large number of ships.

Meantime since Qeshm island has the ability to be connect to Central Asian countries via railway and roadway and also to Persian Gulf Arab countries and other countries throughout the world via sea lane so this island is also a proper place to establish manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses.

 Promising prospects have been defined for this amazing island by economic planners of Islamic Republic of Iran. Among them we can point to:

  • Creating a delightful environment for living, secure for investing and promising for producing new ideas.
  • Creating a context which is an example of the main land in the cultural, social and economic fields.
  • Changing the Qeshm free zone organization to the pioneer of activity and development of the island.
  • Also multiple economic purposes have been planned for this geopolitically important island.

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